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  • Attend three ALL-LOVE Weekend Workshops with a Certified Group Teacher, at least one with Patrick
  • Receive 8 Treatment Sessions from an ALL-LOVE Certified Facilitator or Certified Teacher  (4 sessions must be with a ALL-LOVE Certified Teacher, at least two with Patrick)
    these can be buddy sessions on 3 way calls
  • Facilitate 8 sessions with a Certified ALL-LOVE Teacher as a coach - these can be buddy sessions on 3 way calls
  • Observe 8 sessions of a Certified ALL-LOVE Certified Facilitator or Certified Teacher,  (4 sessions must be with a ALL-LOVE Certified Teacher)
    - these can be buddy sessions on 3 way calls



 Must be able to lead

  • All-Love 3 Axis  Meditation’s (separatly & Combined)
    Heaven - Earth
    Male - Female
    Past - Future
  • DNA  Meditation
  • Infinity Dance Meditation
  • Must be able to facilitate one on one healing sessions


The ALL-LOVE Facilitator is certified to teach the All-Love Meditations to individuals in a one on one setting. This may be in person or through telecommunications.

The ALL-LOVE Facilitator is certified to teach the Healing Process to others in a one on one setting.   This may be in person or through telecommunications.




  • ALL-LOVE Facilitator Certification
  • Local ALL-LOVE referrals from web site
  • Web Page Listing on on-line community
  • Join and participate in  All-Love on-line Community




The main difference between the Facilitator and Teacher training , is that of working in a group setting with students.  The journey from facilitator to Teacher involves much more focused training in  a group  setting.  There are  a different set of skills required to hold the energy of  a large group within the spectrum of the All-Love techniques and processes.



  1.  Complete ALL-LOVE Certified Facilitator Requirements.
  2. Attend a total of  2 Teacher Level 4day workshops with Patrick as a assistant. Details on following page (About The Workshop - Advanced Training).
  3. Sponsor a workshop for Patrick in your local area. (can be one workshop from no 2.)

    Sponsor a workshop for yourself in your local area.




 Must be able to lead

  • All  ALL-LOVE 3 axis and DNA Meditation’s in a group setting
  • ALL-LOVE healing sessions in a group setting
  • The Infinity Dance in a group setting
  • All-Love Vibrational Wave training (coming soon)
  • Must have extensive experience leading students though initiation’s



The ALL-LOVE Teacher is certified to teach the All-Love Meditations and Vibrational Wave training to groups and  in a person to person session. This may be in person or through telecommunications.

The ALL-LOVE Teacher is certified to teach the Healing Process to others in a person to person session and group format. This may be in person or through telecommunications.




  • Certified to Facilitate  Group  ALL-LOVE classes, in person and on-line
  • Local & International ALL-LOVE referrals through website
  • ALL-LOVE Web Page Listing as  a Teacher
  • Co-teach ALL-LOVE Classes with current Teachers



Questions about the:    Facilitator program


If there are no certified facilitators or teachers in my area,  how do I go about receiving 8 healing sessions?


I encourage everyone to use the phone. This training will help the distant healing skills as well. We have a list of teachers you can choose from and even do healing exchanges with.


How do I arrange for a Certified Teacher to coach me in 8 healing sessions?


Just give a call or an email.  The are usually happy to help out.

Where can I observe healing sessions with a Certified Teacher or a Certified Facilitator?


We will use a 3 way conference call. Once a healing session is set up we will then inform others in the program and proceed with a Session. In any program the option to buddy up with someone is available. By doing this you can both work together with a teacher to observe each others sessions.


Will it be possible for me to qualify in the course by attending the workshops in Australia?


Yes, it is possible. It is really the skills that are developed and sometimes This can take some time. Much will depend on your previous trainings.

I encourage each person to share and pass on information informally after their very  first class.


Teacher Program


  1. If I attend 3 workshops before completing the Facilitator program do they count towards my teacher certification?

    Yes, order does not matter
  2. How long should I wait between workshops?

    That is up to you. each person is unique.
  3. How many applicants can co-assist at workshops with a Certified Teacher?

    We have had as many as 4 or 5. But being a class sponsor is the best way to gain that experience.
  4. Would I be able to co-assist at any of the workshops during the Australian and New Zealand Tour?

    Yes this is possible, lets  see  h
    ow you feel after the first one.
  5. Do I have to have been a facilitator for a specific time period before becoming a teacher?

    No. But working with the energy for about a year
    is recommended. Some people feel able to teacher sooner, there is no time limit.




For those interested in learning ALL-LOVE or becoming a teacher, we are currently offering online/phone sessions; these sessions are required to become a ALL-LOVE teacher. Along with the sessions there will be intermediate support and the opportunity to work with others in the program. These sessions count tpwards the Facilitator and Teacher training program if you choose to do this. 

Each session is about an hour to an hour and a half and that also includes a follow up call. Once in the program Patrick is available by email or phone- call for questions and for support anytime.

 A  committment of $144 Yearly is required to enter the program; this fee will include listing you as a member of our ALL-LOVE program so others can contact you for training sessions and eventually ALL-LOVE Teacher certification.

Each private distant session is $100US

The distant session will begin the Initiation process called a ALL-LOVE-Khet. After a ALL-LOVE-Khet you will be better able to help support others through a ALL-LOVE-Khet experience though energetic resonance.


It is recommended receiving a minimum of at least eight sessions and giving a minimum of eight sessions; facilitating others through the ALL-LOVE-Khet is one of the best ways to integrate and learn ALL-LOVE. 

Many people will open up to the ALL-LOVE-Khet during the first session; however, it may take up to 4 or 5 sessions. The remaining sessions will help to integrate the energy more fully and also give support to help facilitate others through a ALL-LOVE-Khet (Initiation.) This part of the program is to facilitate distant healing and to connect with the Shenu Meditation and to facilitate others through the Initiation process.

Distant sessions are to complement the in-person workshops, for ALL-LOVE Teacher requirements. These workshops are designed to introduce the group Initiation process and to learn appropriate skills to facilitate and support group energies. The workshops and distant training is required for ALL-LOVE Teacher Certification.

Each part of the program can be taken independently as each person progress within the program at their own pace.

You are encouraged to begin teaching and sharing when you feel ready, as you teach you will grow. The ALL-LOVE energy is the best teacher.



Sekhem Initation



Sekhem Courses are available in many Countries.

Please check our Schedule on www.All-Love.com

If you do not see a Sekhem Course in your area let us know so we can arrange for a qualified teacher.

The Sekhem Energy is included in the All-Love Course.

The Sekhem Courses include the Sekhem Initiation.

The Sekhem Courses include the Sekhem Symbols.

Sekhem Healing is spontaneous with the Sekhem Initiation.