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If you have not experienced an All-Love Event 2016 is the time to Experience the Full Spectrum SEKHEM Energy Experience.




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When you are fully supported

 in a space of safety and trust

 to Feel your feelings

While being fully present

 in the NOW moment

Old suppressed and ignored feelings

Will rise to the surface like bubbles

To be expressed and experienced

And ultimately released.

Your All-Love resonance supporter (practitioner) is visualising you in a place of perfection and love. Visualising you in all your spiritual glory and bringing this energetic picture of you into your energetic space by a process of resonance.

As this energy descends on and through you, any feeling that is not in harmony with this love and perfection, will rise to be released.This release can take many forms, and your supporter will guide you to find your own answers to simple questions, which bring profound realisations during the process.

As this process unfolds you will realise that you are in control and that you are achieving this healing within and from yourself. It is not something that is given to you or done to you. 

You are the healing process and you are the healing.

The process can be ongoing but incredible results can be achieved from the first time you experience it. Changes in your life as a result of this process are nothing less than transformational. Often impacting every aspect of your life.You will feel lighter and more open.

You will be more loving, compassionate and accepting of others and yourself. 

Abundance and joy – which are your birthright – express there energies in your daily life more completely. 

These feelings are anchored in your energetic system and can actually be passed on easily to others, sometimes spontaneously.

Believe that all this can be achieved in an hour session, or in a 2 day workshop. It is really up to you how long it takes.


The All Love workshop is a very experiential class which will help facilitate a very deep experience of Love.  Many other feelings may also arise during the weekend.  A full commitment to stay for the entire class is required.

During the first day many layers of stuck feelings may be opened up and the feeling of resistance to Love may arise.  Thisis why  a  commitment to being fully present fo the whole weekend is so important.

If you feel you are ready to join the class and participate fully in a group environment please join us.  It is through your full commitment to Love that you will experience it to its fullest.

There are three All-Love Workshops that can be taken in any order.  People wishing to learn how to Teach All-Love must attend the three workshops in order to experience all the techniques available in the All-Love system.

Each All-Love workshop is unique.  The template of the class is to allow the energy to flow naturally without following a set schedule.

The following is a general outline of the elements covered in the workshop, but because of the experiential nature of this work, items listed here may or may not be included as needed.


Each Class is a unique Experince.


  • Group Introductions
  • All-Love template description
  • Identification of expectations and possible blocks
  • Group  experience of All-Love Meditations on the 3 Axis
  • 3 Axis being Heaven-Earth, Male-Female, Past-Future
  • All-Love Healing process
  • DNA Meditation
  • Instructions of working with group energy
  • Attunement and Initiation support
  • Explanation of Shenu
  • Individual experience and instruction on supporting All-Loe-Khet (initiation)
  • Demonstration of Healing Process


  • Sharing and questions
  • Group energy integration
  • Grounding the energy
  • Healing Emotional energy blockages
  • Advanced individual All-Love-Khet support
  • Infinity Dance experience
  • Group Meditation and experience of All-Love
  • Integration of group energy and dynamics
  • Group initiations and closing of circle




Advanced Workshop Description

The advanced workshop can form part of the teachers training programme or be done for personal development.

Advanced Workshop is a four day workshop.

It runs over a Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon.

This Advanced workshop is recommended for someone who has experience with All-Love and has done between 2-3 weekend  workshops.

The first and fourth day are teachers training days.

The second and third are a 'general' weekend workshop.

The first day sets the scene and gives instructions on the weekend. The fourth day is a follow-up with more advanced training and instruction based on what was covered during the weekend.

While participating in the weekend, trainee teachers get the opportunity to work alongside Patrick as facilitators.

The opportunity for trainee teachers to take a  co-teaching role with Patrick is available depending on ability and comfort level.

Trainee teachers  may also at times take the role of student as and when needed and required.

Anywhere  Patrick is teaching Internationally   - this four day workshop is  being offered for advanced students alongside with the standard 2 day  Weekend workshop.

As there are now  so many techniques in the All-Love system, it takes 3 Workshops to cover all the standard  materials.

The four day workshop is recommended as the introduction to teachers training.

A student would then apply for the Teachers Training Programme to complete and become  a Certified Teacher.




Sekhem Initation



Sekhem Courses are available in many Countries.

Please check our Schedule on

If you do not see a Sekhem Course in your area let us know so we can arrange for a qualified teacher.

The Sekhem Energy is included in the All-Love Course.

The Sekhem Courses include the Sekhem Initiation.

The Sekhem Courses include the Sekhem Symbols.

Sekhem Healing is spontaneous with the Sekhem Initiation.