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Q. What is All-Love?


While Patrick was traveling in Egypt he had the opportunity to spend the night in the Great Pyramid. During the night he had a consciousness raising experience or initiation.
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Patrick's   Pyramid Experience
” .

The following day Patrick was lead to met a group of Sufis in Cairo. Patrick told them of a vision he had and they then told him he must go to meet the head of their order in Khartoum, Sudan. Patrick did not have much money so they gave him an airline ticket to meet the mystic. His name was:

Sheikh Mawlana Mohamed Osman Abdu al Burhani

It was during this meeting the Sheikh gave him a mantra "Allah" to repeat during his meditation.  The name "Allah" is the final key in a series of meditations for their system of Initiation.

It was a combination of these two experiences that connected Patrick to an energy called Seichim or Seichem, also spelt Sekhem.


In the Great Pyramid Patrick experienced an Energy of Pure Love in his heart. With the Sufis he was taught specific ways to deepen the experience.


While Patrick was meditating on the mantra the Sheikh had given him, the words "Allah" shifted to "All-Love" and he felt a Divine Quickening in his heart and experienced  a feeling of unconditional love.


Now Patrick uses the words "All-Love" to Initiate the Divine Quickening that can be experienced in the All-Love class.



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Patrick Zeigler
Group Administrator
PatrickZ said on Sunday, January 6th 2008 @ 7:47 PM:

Babak, Thanks for the Comment. Yes, even with the Sufis they had a formula and counting beads. It certainly gave each student a goal to reach each day, but really what could be better than just having Love in heart throughout the day. So many times we want to give Love a formula or ritual and Love is totally free of all formulas and rituals. All Love Patrick

Babak Sorkhpour All-love Teacher
Yearly Access
babakskr said on Sunday, January 6th 2008 @ 6:39 PM:

Dear Patrik Allah in islamic religion mean GOD (Lord) . In sufi or islam, peoples use adjective of GOD and each adjective have diffrent effect in life and heart. same az "BASET" mean developer and etc but if person have going to get the best effect must say that word in X number in X day. for example you must say BASET in 72 day and each day 72 BASET. But i think all is Love and Love is GOD Be in light of GOD Best Regards Babak Sorkhpour Reiki master www.Zodiagreiki.com