What is the All-Love Community?
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Frequently Asked Questions » ALL-LOVE
Q. What is the All-Love Community?


There are currently thousands who have connected with the All-Love energy at some point.
The first version of All-Love was called Seichim and some used the more common Sekhem spelling. Many Reiki Masters would add Seichim / Sekhem to their Reiki system as a more advanced level.
Some teachers created whole new systems that were influenced by Seichim. Since Seichim was first taught there has been much separation within the community.
Most of the separation was brought about because one teacher felt what they were teaching was at a higher vibration or it was simply a clash of egos. This  community has been created to bring the All-Love Seichim Sekhem family back together again.

If we begin to work together we can create miracles.

This is especially important through these earth changing times.

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Theresa Richardson
Yearly Access
allana said on Thursday, May 15th 2008 @ 9:27 AM:

I'm a Reiki Master and have studied and taught various aspects of New Age thought almost all of my adult life. I was exposed to SSR several years ago when I read the book, All Love, which I liked very much. I did not take the SSR course untill about a year ago. The teacher was so ego centered and angry (she must have been having a really bad weekend) that I left the course feeling rather shattered, removed the attunements, and re-gave them to myself. After getting over my personal anger and dissapointment with the teacher, I realized how much I had learned repairing the damage in my energy field from receiving attunements from an actively angry person. Thank goodness I had the book. It really helped alot. Anyway, my point in response to the paragragh above is that Seichim is a very powerful energy. Anyone running that energy, including, and especially teachers, needs to be aware and prepared that it's going to bring up their own issues as part of the process. As teachers, I thiink our own ego issues get magnified, so we can look at them and make an effort to resolve them. After the above experience I took a little vacation from the SSR energy, but found myself drawn to it again. So I have been reading the book for the 3rd time. Each time I read it, I get more out of it. Our class was not much like Patrick's classes were described in the book. I am very greatful to have found this site, and am looking forward to becoming a full member and downloading more info.

Patrick Zeigler
Group Administrator
PatrickZ said on Thursday, May 15th 2008 @ 12:50 PM:

Welcome Allana, To be honest I have never attended an SSR class, even though Diane the originator of the SSR system is a good friend. I do know that teachers can have off days; with the way we teach our All-Love class the anger of the teacher might even help other get in touch with their anger. From your comments it seems that something was activated in you. Unfortunately there was not follow up for you, because I do feel it may have helped. I see many people advertising all sorts of Varieties of Seichim on the web, most of the teaches I do not know. There are several on the web I contacted who said they were teaching SKHM. I told them I would be near their hometown and felt sense they were teaching a system with my name on it might be a good idea to at least meet; well they never showed up! I even found a man in Brisbane who was teaching the Patrick Zeigler System of Healing. My name was on all of his certificates. When I arrived in Brisbane to teach he was no were to be found and could not even find the time to have a chat at lunch or dinner. This is one reason why I take a more proactive approach and created this interactive website. I anyone has any questions about the qualifications of a teacher all they have to do is ask. I also highly recommend checking out the site before anyone takes a class. Our latest teachers all teach under the name of All-Love. We have a list of teachers on the site. I am constantly updating the website and all teachers have been asked to create their own webpage. Then they can just add a link to their webpage. I have also asked that all teachers be more active on the community. This is a really good way to find a teacher in your area. All Love Patrick

Michael Heemskerk
Limited Access
MichaelH said on Thursday, May 15th 2008 @ 11:27 PM:

Everything that happens in a class is good! All things are connected and in my experience sometimes things that come up in class for a person that may not seem to be related to the setup of the class, triggers the release for the whole group. So we can use everything and everything is good! I once had a person who got irritated by that fact that I didn't start the class on time, but rather let the group chat a little bit. I noticed that he was getting a bit restless and asked him "what do you feel"? He said he felt this irritation towards me because we didn't start the class on time and he wanted to start working. I walked to him and I asked him to use this and go deeper into this feeling and express this feeling to me. After a while, he started to process and came accross an issue with his father who always made him wait, he expressed his anger towards his father and went through a beautiful healing. That opened up the energy for the whole group. His irritation started the weekend class! All Love, Michael