Why are there so many different spellings of Seichim?
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Frequently Asked Questions » Seichim and Sekhem
Q. Why are there so many different spellings of Seichim?


I was friends with a woman named Christine Gerber who did some very wonderful channelling of a being called Marat.

When I asked Marat for a name for the energy that I was using, what originally came through was Setim.

Although I didn’t know it at the time, this apparently is the name of an ancient Egyptian priest who specialised in bringing people through the whole death process an facilitates the voyage to the otherworlds. 

The Setim Priests were considered to be the highest form of priests. I wasn’t completely comfortable with that name and ended up asking myself and I got the name Say-K-He-M without having any idea that Se-KHeM was connected with the Egyptian name for energy, or power of powers.

Sekhem Scepter


It just came through as a word, it didn’t come with a spelling, so I did my best to spell it. So this is where a lot of the confusion comes, because different people have spelt it in different ways. There is Seichim Seichem, Sekhem and I use the SKHM Spelling because that is the way the Egyptians would have spelt it.

The Sekhem-Scepter

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