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All Love community for Seichim, Sekhem and Seichem.

Where there is Love, All is possible, without Love we feel our separation from Source. Our Spiritual Heart is at the core of our being and where the soul connects to our Emotional and Physical bodies. All-Love is the experience of the One Heart that connects us to the ĎAllí of creation. It is through the Divine Quickening of All-Love that we come to Love all the aspects of who we are and come into a state of re-union, not just with ourselves, but also with all of creation.

Our All-Love Community creates a space for Healing, Learning, Sharing and Opening of the Heart, which allows us to experience all of who we are and what we are capable of becoming.

Our vision is to bring together all forms of Light Works to work together in Unity to Awaken to Heaven on Earth.

Each of us has a Divine Gift that we bring to this planet. It is through our community that these gifts may be shared with the world. It is now possible to have instant communication with the world. Our single voice can merge with others of like mind and heart to come and play heal and transform the world, the universe and ourselves.

At the core of all Healing and Spiritual Development is Love; this is our focus.

We invite all the various forms of Personal Growth and Spiritual Development to join in our All-Love community, to form a band of light around the earth, which is going through a beautiful transition at this time.

Our web community has Three forms of membership

1. Limited membership FREE

2. Contributing Membership $35.00 - yearly

3. On-Line Teachers Training $144 monthly or $1200yr in adv

The Contributing membership is for those that wish to support the community financially, this will help pay for the upkeep of the site. Contributing members will have full access to the site and meditations.

On-line Teachers training includes Private sessions with Patrick Zeigler,access to group meditations and more, including partial Teachers Certification (based on no of workshop attended.)

Study Sekhem with Patrick Zeigler founder

Sekhem Courses world wide.

Experience Sekhem Healing

Sekhem is All-Love, Healing with the Heart. Sekhem is an Incredible vibration that connects us to the Universe. Just by allowing your self to feel you can tap into this amazing vibration. I have created this video to give other a peak of what goes on in our class. Not many people are aware of the the intensity and subtle vibrations that are so easily accessed in just a few minutes. Sekhem has been taught world wide in different forms and different spellings Seichim , Seichem.

Many of the other systems taught were of an earlier version of the energy; however something amazing has been happening recently, Sekhem has been reborn! The vibrational frequency has had a huge shift in just the last few months! and each class it has shifted into the most incredible experience. Class Participants are experiencing levels of enlightenment, never thought possible in such a short time. In some Sekhem classes within the first hour most of the class is laying on the floor in a sate of bliss. There is no longer any need for Symbols or rituals, just connect to your heart.

The Hearth is the key for opening to the the Sekhem frequency. Even by watching this video many are able to experience this amazing vibration.

If you watch this video and have a Sekhem Initiation please write a comment.


Patrick Zeigler

Founder of All-Love Sekhem

Please join us in Egypt for our Sekhem reunion in Egypt!

One Sekhem Seichim Seichem

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