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Patrick is an International seminar leader, architect, designer, husband and father who  has a passion to help people realise their highest potential.  Patrick graduated from Virginia Tech with a Masters and Bachelor of Architecture with distinction.

Patrick has traveled and studied extensively througt the world to experience a wide variety of cultures and ways of life.  At a early age Patrick had an interested in Mediation and Healing, the first books Patrick read were books on ESP and hypnosis; at that time that was about all was available in the mid 1960’s. As an Architect Patrick had a strong connection to Scared Geometry and had a very strong connection to Egypt. One of his early role models was Imhotep the great Egyptian Architect and healer.   

When Patrick graduated from college he joined the Peace Corps for four years and lived in remote country villages in Yemen and Nepal, building drinking water systems. These drinking water systems would provide the villagers with clean water, which is the basis for a healthy life. During his four years living in traveling Patrick was able to learn from some of the local healers and mystics. Most importantly it was through this time that Patrick was able to search deep within himself and discovered the treasures that we all posses within in us.  

It was during these travels that Patrick traveled to Egypt and had the opportunity to spend the night in the Great Pyramid   Patrick Story. From this experience Patrick connected with an energy called Seichim or Sekhem.

After he returned home he began to teach small groups and individuals.  Soon the Seichim / Sekhem energy was being taught all over the world.  After initially teaching the first Seichim / Sekhem classes Patrick then joined Save the Children and returned to the Sudan to live and work in an Eritrean Refugee camp. This was when there was a huge drought in the Sudan.  Most of the funding came through the first Band AID Project.  While in the Sudan Patrick designed a fero-cement latrine that was eventually adopted to be the model used throughout Sudan.  The design saved thousands of lives. The UN still uses his design in most refugee camps.   

When Patrick returned from the Sudan he began to receive letters from all over the world thanking him for introducing the Seichim / Sekhem energy.  Many Reiki Masters had incorporated the energy into their Reiki and energy healing teachings.  It was through the strong Reiki community connections that Seichim / Sekhem become so well known.    



Currently Patrick lives with his wife Natalie and 4 children Zena, Zakh, Zen & Zahn, in Auckland, New Zealand, together they have opened two healing centers and regularly  travel to many countries all over the world.

They are currently in Romania in Europe.  May 2009

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