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The Experience 

The All-Love Sekhem experience is the way of working with the Sekhem energy. It is set through specific techniques and exercises, where certified All-Love teachers guide and help you discover the path to reconnect with Source, your Soul and your inner world.



Feeling is the key. Our main objective is to acknowledge and observe any sensation that arrises during the experience, creating a space that allows you to live, express and embrace your feelings as a way of being Present, Knowing Yourself and Transforming your Life.

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Through the Experience of All Love you reconnect with your Feelings and your world is Transformed

Patrick Zeigler


Patrick Zeigler is an international teacher and a wonderful human being in service of mankind. In his constant travels he has being helping those who come to him to open up their heart centers and, through it, connect to their origin, to their true self and consequently connect internally with their soul and their inner light.



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It all started…

After having an experience in the pyramid of Giza, this facet of the energy, called Sekhem by Patrick Zeigler, a form of wide and widely used work in ancient Egypt, has come again to the world. From then on, it developed and multiplied into many different methods and in many different names: Seichim, Sekhem, Skhm, Seichim Seichem Reiki - SSR, Isis Seichim, among others.

Its purpose - which may be achieved through several paths depending on the teaching system- is to reconnect the individual to the source, allow him to experience and live his Presence, reactivate his eternal life’s breath -also known as his Ankh- so that he nay walk on this planet being connected with heaven an earth, and with all that there is.


Featured experiences

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All-Love 4 Day Class, Belo Horizonte -Brazil
August 30-Sep2, 2019

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All-Love 3 Day Class, Sao Paulo-Brazil
September 6-8, 2019

All-Love 4 Day Class, Vitória -Brazil
September 13-16, 2019


What friends are saying

Describe all love in words its just imposible... is the most powerfull energetic experience I have ever felt.. for me is direct connection with source and earth, in a life experience... Through all the years I have been able to transform so much things in me and see a lot of changes in others... I can say Patrick is an amaizing soul that with love have been able to touch thousend of souls around the world... All Love
— Sananda Velasco
From the first day I met Patrick my connection was at different levels. At the beginning I became aware of something bigger than me that I could feel inside and outside of my body and that impacted everything and everyone.
— Maria
All Love changed my life tremendously, both my career and spiritual growth. My clients told me All Love energy flushed out lots of negative energies that made their life much easier without too much irritation or negative emotions attached.
— Dede
All love is a direct path back to the heart and your soul desires.
I finally feel at home in my skin and able to embody the light of source. My being now sings my soul song. I have found love for self, for life, for source, for all.
— Coco
When the heart opens to Love, nothing else can stop that person from stepping into their true self.
— Carol

A Little History