"When you feel you are present. When you are present you are connected"


To feel is the main objective of the experience.  There is no doubt that our feelings are important. They are the gateway to our soul, our society has taught us to judge, hide and suppress certain feelings and emotions, that are also associated with weakness and nondesirable traits. Boys and princess don't cry.  And be careful if you laugh too much you might not be a serious person.  The truth is that all emotions are important. Every single one is a clue to an insight into our lives. It is important to be able to feel the whole spectrum of emotion.


There is ample evidence that people who suppress or disconnect from their feelings can develop unhealthy symptoms like anxiety, depression and even physical illnesses such as high blood pressure digestive disorders.

Karen Lawson, MD | University of Minnesota, states that


"It is important for us to recognize and identify our thoughts and emotions, and to be aware of the impact they have—not only on each other, but also on our bodies, behavior, and relationships. As our awareness increases, we find it easier to recognize what we are thinking, how we are feeling, and our attitude towards the experience. We can then choose to adjust our thoughts and emotional responses."


All Love is the perfect tool to connect and express our feelings and emotions. The experience, the safe place we create, as well as the group energy help unblock our expression and overcome obstacles to be more aligned and in balance.


Once you are able to feel the doors open for transformation.