The Experience


"Even though there are no levels with ALL-LOVE, each class is a unique experience. With each class, a new experience of direct knowledge occurs. Even for myself, I experience a new perspective of the vibration in each class I teach; "Patrick Zeigler”.

 The ALL-LOVE SEKHEM experience is designed to help you connect with your Higher Self, Soul and our Source.
Through direct transmission, specific exercises such as meditation, breath work, observation, focus and relaxation, our trained facilitators create a safe space that sets the perfect environment for you to connect with your feelings and to be fully present.

 "You can go as deep as you wish"

We are sure that there is one experience that is perfect for you. The Sekhem energy is not divided into levels, therefore the All-Love Sekhem experience is never held back.



1 to 2 hours long. Individually or in groups

Through a guided meditation our facilitators help the participants reconnect with their inner selves by feeling. This experience is a glimpse into the power of ALL LOVE SEKHEM, It is the perfect first-time experience. But none the less very powerful.



3 to 4 hour long. Group experience.

The longer format allows participants to dive in deeper and connect with the All-Love Sekhem energy even more. Like an All-Love Sekhem meditation, it is also the perfect first-time experience. Every class is unique because each participant brings a specific contribution that co-creates the whole experience.

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8-hour sessions each day. Group experience

Two-day classes are a more in-depth approach to the All-Love Sekhem energy, facilitating the awakening of the Heart center through several methods and spontaneous initiations.



8-hour sessions each day. Group experience

This immersion experience really lets you explore the power of All-Love and the Sekhem energy.  Each day offers a unique opportunity to expand and go deeper within yourself, allowing you to unblock and release stagnant feelings that may be holding you back.  This experience closes with a special session of breath work.

This class is also designed for those interested in learning how to facilitate this process to others.

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Our retreats and trips are planned in the same way as our immersion classes, but last longer and may vary from 8 to 15 days. You get the chance to live and share with the group you are doing the retreat or traveling with. This is a truly immersive experience with the All-Love Sekhem energy, where the participants get to explore different techniques, methods and breath work that truly help open the Heart center to the Source, reconnecting us with who we truly are!

Our 8-day retreat is a requirement for our Teacher Training Program.