The All Love workshop had a big impact in many ways. I connected with the energy quite easy and had some profound experiences. It deepend my connection with Jezus (he showed up a couple of times) and after the workshop I had a strong urge to visit Egypt as if something was awakened. I was inspired to start traveling and bring my own healing work to other places as well. There has been big transformations happening ever since and I feel All Love helped spark these changes.
— Mathieu
Describe all love in words its just imposible... is the most powerfull energetic experience I have ever felt.. for me is direct connection with source and earth, in a life experience... Through all the years I have been able to transform so much things in me and see a lot of changes in others... I can say Patrick is an amaizing soul that with love have been able to touch thousend of souls around the world... All Love
— Sananda Velasco
My introduction to Seichem “All Love was simply a natural organic flow to the journey or the life path for my soul. I had trained in many different healing modalities, each one adding and awakening my inner potential but something was missing for me. I had come to a point where intuitively I knew my connection with source didn’t need any of the old outdated tools that are used to connected into the light or source of love. Therefore before I connected with Patrick I had left all the old ways behind and was simply using my heart to guide my life and more importantly my purpose for my presence on earth.
Within minutes of meeting Patrick I knew his method of guiding others was both gentle and powerful as he introduced others to the source of their own power and love. It was the missing link.It is a wonderful yet simply approach filled with love, light and blessings. Today I am honoured to also be a guide to others through the energy of All Love. Through which I witness amazing healing, transformations and change in those who work with the divine energy. To sum up All Love is the activation of divinity within a sacred trinity of heaven, earth and humanity. My interpretation anyway..All Love
— Shannon
My first experience with All Love was with one of Patrick Zeigler’s student teachers in 2004. The meditation would create such stillness in me I didn’t want to breathe. Breathing interrupted my deep still silence. That quickly changed after my first class with Patrick in Richmond, Virginia that same year. The stillness changed to a deep purging of wounds through the intensity of his class. The energy opened my heart and through that purge brought me into a different kind of stillness, a state of no need. My wanting disappeared for the first time. I wish I could say I live there but I can access these states having been opened to them through All Love.
Working with Patrick and the All Love energy continued and continues to change my life. In one private phone session with him I had my first experience of “the Void”. Words cannot explain that experience so I won’t even try. In 2008 I had the delight and honor to have a private 10 day retreat with him in New Zealand. That retreat purged more deep wounds and opened my heart and body to joy. I learned to accept my large body there and doing so attracted much joy and delight into my life. I came home to create my business, Body Beloved ,through that realization.
At the end of my retreat in New Zealand I was visited by the Universal All Love Beings. The day after my first conscious encounter with them I traveled to the coast alone to see more of New Zealand. A 3 to 4 hour trip turned into a 5 to 6 hour journey due to a fallen tree blocking the road. When I finally arrived at my accommodations the owner was on the phone with Patrick. He had just called. She handed the phone to me and he told me “they” had been watching my travels. I told him I knew, I could feel them.
I became an All Love teacher after my New Zealand retreat and began to teach a few years later. Although I shared the energy in private healing sessions it took me a while to feel strong and confident enough to hold the space for this amazing and powerful energy in a class. I now have had the delight of sharing this loving energy with many whose lives have changed through All Love and the energy’s ability to open their hearts and reconnect them with Source. I’ve watched as both emotional trauma and physical pain have been released and removed in myself and in many Beloved Others in Patrick’s and now my classes. Through the deepest love our human chaos begins to turn to peace and Love without need becomes our freedom.
Thank you, Patrick Zeigler, for walking into my life and bringing this amazing healing gift of SKHM/All Love to me and to the world! You have changed my life and I am grateful beyond words! I love you my friend, thank you! Thank all of you who take this amazing journey and open to love! All Love!
— Sherry
As a spiritual regressionist and channeller, I received messages on further enhancing knowledge on energy healings. In Hong Kong, there seems to be a lot of different energy healing courses, but when I was introduced to All-Love Sekhem through a friend, I knew this was it! After reading through the contents on Patrick’s website, a strong calling inside of me urged me to register for his courses. The concepts of working with the all-love energy, on opening our hearts, and on allowing the connection of ourselves back to Source just resonates with what I do.

I was never very sensitive to energies, but attending Patrick’s workshop brought me to a new level of experience. By allowing myself to open my heart further and listening to my body, I was soon able to feel this all love energy as it works through me.

Within the session, I had a calling from Source that I need to introduce this workshop to my parents and my mom’s students. Patrick’s All-Love Sekhem workshop will help all of us build a stronger bond. Through this, we can work together on further opening our hearts, and for us to all connect back to Source. Knowing our life purposes through LBL, it further reminded us that we are one big family and we are here this life to work together on our awakening project in Hong Kong.

Since then, I’ve been on the All-Love Teacher’s program and have followed Patrick to different places to experience with the All-Love Sekhem energy. I have continued to work with our students on All-Love workshops and we are very eager for Patrick’s return to Hong Kong this year and many more future years to come! All Love!
— Rhoda
The First time I heard about Patrick Ziegler and All Love was in 2009 in Índia. So many Masters and teachers but for a mysterious reason, I kept this name in my heart. 3 years after, in Brazil, while I was looking for a chamanic retreat on internet, a huge light on the screen: All Love class in Recife. Same place, same days... I went.
And it hás been the biggest transformation of my Life. The last key. I was practicing yoga and Reiki....but the deep contact with Incondicional Love remind me Who I was. I could reconect me with my whole soul, remembering past lives, ancient wisdoms and my misson on Earth. Healing a soul wound, I could reconect with the Light. With Love.
But more than the expanded vision, beyond time, dimensionamento and space, Patrick brought me back to humanity, to my body... I came to live a spiritual experience into a human body, an experience of Joy, pleasure and freedom.
Right now, after 5 years in contact with the All Love energy and some classes with Patrick, I experience it deeper when I dance or do meditate but i know that it is a state of mind, a way of living, in contact with something bigger, that connects all the beings. Nor spiritual path nor human Life does make sense without passing through the Chamber of our Heart!
I’m deeply grateful to Patrick to bring me back to Who I Am, to his behavior in trusting in the Energy in the middle of our Chaos, to few but really wise words which echoes in me, regularly. All (my) Love🙏🏼

— Fanny Glemarec
I had to meet Patrick because I had heart openings with beautiful experiences and I was looking for more. I had attended classes with a similar energy work but couldn’t quite get the full experience completed. Then I attended one of his workshops and a woman had a full initiation. I had helped her and the energy fill my body. I felt the light give me wings. Every time I have done a workshop I have received many blessings and I keep working at home or with others. It is an energy that is always with me. Thank you Patrick, Sirley, Baby Zi for your love and light. And Daniela of course!!!
— Monique
I was introduced to Patrick and All Love through a mutual friend, Diane Shewmaker, who had been initiated by Patrick and became an All Love teacher. My first workshop with Patrick teaching was in 2007. There were about 30 people in the class. At the group dinner the night before, there was an incredible current of energy circling the table. As it passed through me, I looked up at Patrick and said, “the energy is flowing already!” He smiled and acknowledged that the energy was building for the next day.
I had never experienced anything quite like All Love. It’s like running high voltage electric current through the body without a converter I cried like a baby while the energy cleaned out the fender blocks in my field. It came in waves. Then, when I finally felt clear, I was struck with overwhelming gratitude and the joy bubbled out in peals of laughter. All Love has been such a gift for me in my life. Clearing away the dense fears and hurts while filling my energy body with more of my own beautiful soul Light/unconditional Love. 💖
— Anahata
From the first day I met Patrick my connection was at different levels. At the beginning I became aware of something bigger than me that I could feel inside and outside of my body and that impacted everything and everyone. They were 5 days deep. From that moment my life took a 180 degree turn and I gave myself to the Energy All Love. I began to feel that my work as a therapist impacted my patients and had spontaneous initiations. It was in 2014 when, in my meeting with Patrick in PERU (Machupichu), I decided to work as Master All Love. From that moment I have had experiences at a physical, mental, spiritual and emotional level leading me to live in the here and now, feeling the permanent love. Infinite gratitude to my Master Patrick and Sirley whom I met in one of the most beautiful experiences of my life in the Sacred Valley. Gratitude to all my brothers ❤️
— Maria
I knew nothing about All Love when I first attended the workshop in 2016, but deep inside my heart I knew this was the one I needed. I had lot of emotions coming out during the workshop but had no clue what it was, as those emotions and feeling I experienced were not from this lifetime. I could connect with the energy much easier when I attended the workshop again the next year and therefore I joined the teacher training session. All Love changed my life tremendously, both my career and spiritual growth. My clients told me All Love energy flushed out lots of negative energies that made their life much easier without too much irritation or negative emotions attached. Thank you Patrick and Sirley for giving us such beautiful experience from All Love. ❤️
— Dede
There are no correct words to describe but I try to get as close to my truth about Patrick and the All Love as I feel it. In 2005 I met Patrick in the Netherlands for the All Love class and I was amazed by the methods and unconditional love that was present during the classes. He let me be myself without wanting me to change, but could guide me in what was needed in the moment. From then we have seen each other quite a few times during several classes and I feel a very deep connection in unconditional love within my heart towards Patrick. Teaching, guiding, showing how things could be done, patient and with humor. He gives me the feeling to be equal with my own experiences, instead of that he is the Master who nows it all. Also explaining the technical part of how energy could be flowing is clear and understandable. Explaining his latest discoveries and how to reach this is a great way to experience it myself. Thank you for walking this earth during my earthly experiences, you are a great unconditional being who shares “All Love” to this world.
— Wilem
Someone asked me..why every year since 2008, I encourage people to take part in PATRICK SCOTT ZIEGLER’s SeKHeM/ALL LOVE workshops?
Over time, during my own transformation, I learned to share with others what was “good” for me. It’s very hard to talk about Patrick and the healing process during the ALL LOVE therapy classes. All the masters I chose are very important in my life. They were everything I needed… at the right time…to help me “make the step”.. And they have my eternal gratitude (even those that removed me from Facebook..I’m thinking that they know what they are doing).
I will tell you this: Patrick Scott Zeigler is the most important human being I have met in this lifetime, in this world. Why? Because he gave me the chance to know him so that he can know me…Because he gave me the possibility to love him, so that I can love and love myself.. Because he washed my soul, touched it and put it back in its place. Because he did it in such a way that.. there is no God-given day when I don’t feel his presence and his mark left on my soul, my personality. And I didn’t just do this for me...Or, not particularly for me. For everyone. In equal measure. What did I do? I opened myself to receive. I followed him..quietly..year after year. And every year I felt that he left me with something. Something to remind me every day that I met him and he touched my soul. This is how I work – today! If I look in the mirror, I remember Patrick. When I like myself..when I love myself, I remember Patrick. When those that I evolve with test my patience, when I feel attacked, I surprise myself because I look into my heart and I say: “OK”! When I kiss my dog, when I play with the kittens, and especially when I wake up in the morning next to Mirel, I remember Patrick. And for all of these – and more – I am grateful to Patrick. I know that meeting him changed me. From a person into another person. All of these serve to justify my persistence to introduce you to Patrick!
To me, Cornelia Solomon, Patrick Zeigler is the most beautiful, wonderful, best person, teacher, healer, friend.
I told you all of these things from my soul..the bottom of my heart- open for ALL LOVE!
ALL LOVE, to you too!
— Cornelia
Patrick is the real deal. I could go on and on about his many extraordinary energetic qualities, but what touches me most is his utter humanness. He has the capacity to walk the margins of two worlds with great humility, humour and integrity. Patrick is not a guru, he is a good leader and a catalyst for sorely needed change in the world. Despite people wanting to be told what to do and how to do it, Patrick insists that the healing that ensues in his presence is not coming from him but from you. The All Love energy is empowering to the individual and raises consciousness in the collective. It belongs to all of us. I think he’d like me to be talking about the All Love energy in this testimonial but in these difficult times, I think it’s important to know who you can trust and why. I’ve known Patrick for 8 years and have seen him in some very difficult situations and in all those years I have never seen him behave with anything but grace and good will. For most in his position, it would be very easy to exploit people or abuse power but he works hard, his character is solid and his heart is light and beautiful and rare. I’m forever thankful to know him and for his commitment to bringing love and connection into each exchange.
— Cheryl
I thought I always knew what I wanted in life but life never seemed to work out. That’s because I was coming from my head and not heart, that is before ‘All Love’ came along.

All love is a direct path back to the heart and your soul desires.
I finally feel at home in my skin and able to embody the light of source. My being now sings my soul song. I have found love for self, for life, for source, for all.

The Sekhem energy had been calling me long before I knew it. I have dreamt of a Vase’ (a symbol for the heart in Egypt), had visitations from Hathor, and followed a trail that lead me to my first ‘All Love retreat in Glastonbury.

It took just over a week from first hearing Patrick’s name to actually meeting him, the compulsion to do so was overwhelming, and now I know why.

It’s hard to put into words what took place on the retreat what I will say is:
Physically I feel renewed
Mentally I feel clear
Spiritually I feel awake
And sexually? Well let just say my passion for life is restored.

The after effects of the retreat have been immense too. The ripple effect in my life apparent from the day I got home.
Within 25 hours I received phone call from an ex to apologies for his abusive past behaviour. And another wanting to clear the air over past inappropriate behaviour.
Two people I spoke with over the phone opened their hearts in deep loving ways that released years of repressed anger and fear of being seen.

Two days in of my return two friends had spontaneous initiations in my presence, and another began speaking star language....and all this just by being present. This is the power of ‘All Love’. It awakens your innate gifts, your capacity to feel, your ability to connect. I am excited to see how this journey will unfold and how many lives can be touched with ‘All Love’. It’s scope has no bounds.

In one long weekend retreat. I have gone from a woman whom has lived with and suffered the affects of childhood abuse and PTSD throughout most of her adult life, suffering with anxiety and depression. To someone whom feels confident, and powerful in her skin.

For the first time in a long time I am deeply excited to be here on Earth. I finally feel planted and grounded here and know I am part of a bigger mission to spread love out into the world. I feel fierce, I feel strong, I feel connected. I have finally found my soul tribe in the All Love family. I have finally come home to myself.

Thank you Patrick for being such a beautiful guide to awakening to my truth. Deep love and gratitude brother. And to Sirley and baby Zi for the love bestowed upon me too.
Absolutely Phenomenal!!!
— Coco
With Patrick I only had a short evening of a couple of hours, but the energy was so strong that i’ve felt it before he actually taped into it. While he was talking about the energy in the class and i was doing the translation, i started feeling a huge vibration in my belly and a sensation similar to orgasm in my lower part of my belly. At one point I had to stop translating in order to fully allow myself to feel it. As i connected to it consciously, it transformed into a state of quiet bliss and peace. Afer i left the place, i made love all night and even during the next day i was very sensitive and had the desire of making love out of a deep, pure, love. I can only imagine how amazing can actually be to experience this energy in a retreat that lasts for 2-3 days. Thank you, Patrick!
— Andrea
I have participated in 5 of Patrick’s amazing workshops since 2005, and have witnessed massive changes and healings in myself and many of my friends who have attended over the years. Patrick is authentic and genuine in all that he does and has a wonderful ability to heal, but also to share and teach others. He facilitates others to do the work necessary to let go of their pain body and step into the light and the love that is All Love.
When the heart opens to Love, nothing else can stop that person from stepping into their true self.
I would highly recommend that everyone attend one of Patrick’s Workshops.
When the student is ready, the teacher appears.
Thank you, Patrick, for your loving kindness and friendship.
All love to you and
A match made in Heaven xo 💗💕💗
— Carol
The first time I talked to Patrick was when my wife’s nephew was suffering from blood cancer. Twice he improved but then we lost him as it was too late. Then Patrick and Sirley came to my home in India and they were here for five days. That was the most wonderful time we ever had in our life. Both of them are great. My wife had sprained her wrist and Patrick asked me why she is wearing a bandage? The next morning her wrist was like nothing has happened. Amazing. He did therapy for my wife and her life has changed since then. Every time we have some problem Patrick and Sirley extend their healing hand to make things easy and better for us. He taught us how to heal ourselves. The best thing. The energy level with him is so high that we cannot forget that moment.
May god bless both Patrick and Sirley and their kids.
— Ajay
I have had the privilege of attending 3 All Love classes and a 2 week All Love group tour in Egypt. I had always been drawn to Egypt from a very young age and after learning about Patrick Zeigler and his experience in the Great Pyramid I knew I had to meet him and attend his class. Prior to my first class I had never experienced any physical sensations of energy vibrations like I had heard other people describe, and to be honest it made me feel a bit jealous. I assumed that I would be one of those people who didn’t feel any of the energy that Patrick talked about, in his introduction in the class. But boy was I wrong! Within 10 minutes I could feel this tingling energy entering through my skin which became like an electrical current through my whole body. My body was tingling, swaying and vibrating and my hands were pulsating with energy that made them feel like they were 10 times their size. I was amazed at these reactions in my body and just wanted everyone in the whole world to be able to experience this feeling of bliss and love. But, it wasn’t just a physical reaction, the love I was feeling made we want to forgive every person who had ever hurt me, big or small. I actually felt forgiveness from my heart and not just with my head and was able to let all my resentment go. Each class I have attended has been a different and powerful experience on all levels, both mental and emotional. The vibration of the All Love energy is now tucked away permanently in my heart. In my quiet times I can feel the vibration as a hum, like a cat’s purr and I am comforted with the knowledge that I am connected to my soul energy and the All Love vibration. Patrick is a humble, fun, genuine, kind and loving teacher who helps all those who are ready to experience their soul and grow into the person they are supposed to be.
— Amber
Partick Ziegler is an Enlightened Master and this pretty much says it all.In his presence one feels safe and home. Magical healings and transformations happen through releasing surpressed traumas in this safe and loving highest frequenccy energy field . The All-Love workshops i have attended with my daughter were the most profound unforgettable experiences in my life. ... 50 minutes of full mind-body-spirit orgasmic experience through the breathing , literally. I have always been connected to my heart love energy and the All- Love field was just the right place to be, felt like being home on this planet..
Thank you so much for being you and all that you do for all of us.Blessings to you and your wonderful family.
— Timea

I have had such difficulties trusting men ( without me truly realising it nor wanting to be that way ) and Yet with Patrick I instantly felt safe , respect and unconditional love . I feel all love came at a time In my life I was either going to sink or swim in life . Having lost my two brothers in tragic separate circumstances and having to care for my father who died of cancer in space of three years and having to continue caring for my mum who isn’t well and then my son who is severely disabled and go thru two major operations in the states . I felt no matter how hard I tried to keep going I felt hope slipping further away . I felt overwhelmed by grief and stress . Stumbling across all love ..I experienced self love for the very first time in my entire life . I also felt unconditional love something I have never felt in my entire life . My childhood had been filled with trauma and violence from both parents and tho I’ve tried all my life to ensure what I experienced wouldn’t effect me nor my children the past haunted me and prevented me from being the person I so desired . With all love .. I have experienced overwhelming insightful experiences that just cannot be explained and feel that life is just magical with so many mind blowing possibilities . Now I feel nothing but gratitude for my experiences good and bad and that with all love I can help my own children , cut ties from trauma of the past and be What ever I desire .
— Michele
I am so grateful for all these beautiful perfect expressions of our profound All Love Journey, and experience with Patrick Zeiger.

Truly we are one heart sharing life’s journey, and I deeply resonate with them all, and am in awe of their glorious communication, and so grateful the universe is receiving them.

At this stage of my journey, reflecting on what is coming up now, as so significant and life-changing, is an ever increasing surrender to life, in an active way.

Rather than a giving up, there’s a graceful letting go, and welcoming the next unknown sacred moment, and the next, and the next, and all the lessons coming in (Downloads).

The All Love journeys, my own classes, and Patrick’s, have served as a microcosm, a model, for daily living, client sessions, and group facilitation. This is such a powerful realization for me. Needless to say, significant faith and trust inform the “surrender”.

What a relief to simply gratefully step aside, and allow the divine, God, the Universe, to do the healing, teach the class, make the decision, sing the song, write the song.

Life has pretty much become an infinite miracle of divine unfolding, where the only expectation, for the most part, is tuning in with divine flow. Sometimes it’s a whole breath away.

Time and time again, in sessions, in my classes, Patrick’s classes, I never stop being amazed, and am so grateful, that as sacred space is opened, without expectation, without pressure, just allowing the energy in, miraculous healings on all levels unfold, physical, mental, emotional, always with significant spiritual awakening.

What a gift, an infinite miracle unfolding, so much gratitude and love in my heart, for All Love, Patrick, Sirley, Baby Z, and the whole All Love community, in this powerful free expression of our soul’s mission being realized.

Patrick, along with his wife, Sirley, and their baby, Sekhem, travel the world teaching All Love. I am so grateful to have been blessed with the precious opportunity of having travelled to Peru, Egypt, Spain, the Netherlands, and the UK with them. We are friends, teachers, cocreators, and students, to each other. We have deep mutual respect, honor, and love for each other. Patrick is a gentle, loving, open hearted, wise soul, who inspires us to deeply remember our divine perfection again and again.

Words cannot express all the gratitude and love we share for his profound gift of All Love, that has, and will continue to heal and bring wholeness to countless beings.
— Karuna
❤ I first met Patrick about ten years ago, in Queensland, Australia. I was attending a holistic therapy workshop with my, then, wonderful Reiki Master, I had also just returned from a lifelong dream of a trip to Egypt. Patrick’s gentle approach to his work meant that many of us were able to process to an incredible level of awareness and profound opening and healing. That feeling stayed for many years, and for me, changed my life. Some years later, I ‘dared’ to write to him, having talked about his work with some of my own Reiki students. I asked Patrick if he had any plans to come to Australia. He wrote back immediately, and said he could come to the Land Downunder in just 8 weeks time! So, with the help of friends, and ‘My Spirit’, we arranged for him to visit South East Queensland! The attendees had such a profound and heart opening experience through All Love, that they agreed also, that his work had changed their lives. Patrick has brought his workshops again over the past two years with beautiful Sirley, and then, with their beautiful baby Zi. We all look forward to their journey once again to The Land Downunder so that we can participate in the All Love energy, in December this year. All Love. ❤
— Chris
I walked into an ALL LOVE class knowing nothing more than the tag line “be prepared to open your heart” , I knew this was what I needed and intuitively followed my instinct. The 2 hour class was nothing like any other “workshop” I had attended. It was a full experience, wonder, tuning in, vibration and then POW then energy hit and I was kneeling on the floor with energy surging up and down my body. This continued after the session and into the night, constant flows of energy opening up doorways within me, I became LIVE! Cars would beef as i walked past, microwaves were flashing at me, I would start spontaneously shaking as the energy came it it was so strong. Then the next day in the workshop it all exploded I went through a full shamanic awakening with all the GODs and Divas coming through into my body, I could feel each one as they embodied and danced and cried and broke through so many layers of old, stuck energy birthing the new exquisite vibration of LOVe. Then I entered the zone of the absolute, where all memories of all of time were remembered and swam in the sea of GOD and bliss , I remember someone saying to Patrick “is she all right?” and his response was “OH YES! but she’ll never be the same again!” and He was right. I have been in a constant state of awakening since, light language began flowing the first time, gifts enhanced, new ones flowing in as I allowed the unfurling. The ALL LOVE energy has been the key to reconnecting with My SOUL energy, and Love of the Divine, I am now A Channel and travel internationally presenting DiVine Wisdom teachings and ways to connect to your own Soul Divine, the Initiation of ALL LOVE was the key and the continued workshops and experiences allowed me to step into the next levels of awareness, heart awakening and love each time. Patrick is a dear friend, teacher, mentor and open hearted Man , his generosity, sharing and gift of Carrying the ALL LOVE energy is profound. Every one experiences what they need in the moment in order to become the true expression of them selves here upon this Earth. Thank you Patrick You have been an integral part of my journey and my life has not been the same since we crossed paths! Much love Ananda
— Ananda
Describing my All Love experiences with words is quite difficult. How to write about something that makes us speechless? I guess that “life altering” would be a way to put it but it sure isn’t as simple as that.
All Love brought a whole new view on what it was to be me. It helped me to open up to love and spiritual life and understand deeper ways to look at life and.
Never theoretically!
Always in an experiential way that has branded all the teachings, healings and understandings in my flesh at cellular level. All Love felt like a warm invitation to fully enjoy life as an amazing gift that made me feel capable to embrace all aspects of my existence (even those yet to surface).
Patrick and his huge loving heart can work miracles in anyone’s life. For almost a decade now I have been able to witness the changes in people’s lives and how happier they would get year after year. So many awakenings, so many deep healings, so many people rising to self-mastery, so many beautiful souls living more and more at peace with earthly life, including myself.
It wasn’t always easy, but Patrick always encouraged me through my processes and helped me to have first-hand understanding about my human and spiritual nature, experiencing not only my connection to my higher consciousness and Source but also to my physical body and Earth itself. So I kinda owe him that today I feel in love with life, found peace in my heart and have a deeper sense of belonging here on Earth and purpose.
I feel both honored and blessed for meeting and spending time with Patrick, how not to love him? Being his student, friend and translator through all these years helped me grow in many wonderful ways as a person and as a therapist. Well… it still does.
All Love is simply the best thing that happened to me.
Thank you so much for everything Patrick.
— Alvaro
I have known Patrick for many years now yet when ever we meet up magic happens. This year I attended his workshop at Olympia and I had another remarkable experience of very high ‘goddess’ energy entering my being and triggering an immense cascade of emotional healing over the coming days. The All Love workshops live up to their name and we all open our hearts to each other and Mother Earth and to the Heavens. We connect and support each other. Patrick is All Love and his being resonates with the beautiful energy he first experienced in Egypt many years ago - the Sekhem energy. Sirley Patrick’s partner is another beautiful soul and they travel with their 10 month old son resonating the lovely archetype of the Sacred Family. Thank you all three for spending time with me. Thank you Patrick for devoting your life to this wonderful work. ALL LOVE 💜💛❤️
— Amravati
Late sharing,but here’s my sharing: I experienced Patrick’s classes a few times and each time it was unique, yet incredibly powerful, I experienced a lot of release of unhealed emotions,I became aware of patterns that weren’t so clear before and what stayed with me is a deeper attunement to my own self and energy, I feel as if the volume of my internal compass has been turned up and I can hear better my intuition. I learnt to trust it more and stop being afraid what I realised in one of the workshop is actually my light! I shared some of those experiences with my mum as well and it has had a big impact on her too. Patrick and sirley are beautiful humans and incredibly loving souls and it’s wonderful to see how many lives they touch with love around the world, I would strongly recommend trying out a class, even just of curiosity...we generally have a good idea of our”emotional baggage” and shadows..but do we know how big is our light? I am glad I took a glance at it😊❤
— Elena
Here are somethings All Love has done for me:

1. Broaden my mind, opening myself to a brand new approach to healing.

2. Getting some healing wisdom which really helps on the way.

3. Erasing some wrong views I myself made up about healing.

4. Fun while healing, thanks God!

5. Helping bring my body back to aliveness. All Love can start the process of waking up all parts of the body as autonomous proactive healing tools, enabling any part of the body to start a healing process by itself.

6. Showing some unkonwn stuff stored in the subconscious mind, and energies inside the body-mind which were pending of healing or transformation. Once seen, the healing/transformation process started. It also showed some potentialities.

7. Good company.

8. Openness.

This until now.....more to share after future workshops 😜
— Isabel