After having an experience in the Pyramid of Giza, this facet of the energy, called SKHM by Patrick Zeigler, a form of wide and widely used work in ancient Egypt, has come again to the world. From then on, it developed and multiplied into many different methods and in many different names: Seichim, Sekhem, shkm, Seichim, Seichem-Reiki-SSR, Isis Seichim, among others.

Its purpose - which may be achieved through several paths depending on the teaching system used - is to reconnect the individual to the source, allow him to experience and live his presence, reactivate his eternal life's breath – also known as his Ankh – so that he may walk on this planted being connected with heaven and earth, and with all that there is. It is also to establish a direct communication with the higher levels of dimensions and energy, with the spiritual hierarchy, with the many kingdoms.

In the pursuit of this objective, the systems diversify. There are those who only focus only on the connection with the realms and beings of light, those who use more structured teachings (with symbols and formal tunings), those who work experientially through healings at different levels of the being, those who use meditation to establish this condition and connection, those who work experientially through meditation and healings to enable a spontaneous initiation, an experience of enlightenment.

Whatever the path or method of work used, the energy vibrates in an octave of the 7th dimension or above. It aims at the opening and expansion of the heart, the unification of all the chakras and bodies of energy, the communication and experience with the higher levels of energy of the being, the reconnection with what we call the Superior and Divine Presence and the connection with the source.